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Mark is a web developer who works in the North West of England in the United Kingdom. His academic background is that of a multimedia creative, having studied art and design subjects full time for 6 years at college and University.

After graduating in 2002, with a First-Class BA (hons) in Multimedia Design, Mark worked as a user interface designer and multimedia designer. Mark utilised web technology from approximately 1999 and it was a keystone early in his career to aide and inform his UI and UX design work. Since approximately 2010 he branched away from a design focus and concentrated his career path in web development. He now holds a senior web developer position at a Japanese multinational technology company where he develops web solutions using ASP.NET, C#, JS as standalone applications and as part of the Sitecore CMS. Mark is also a certified Sitecore Developer.

Mark still practices traditional art regularly, taking part in life drawing sessions and is an active participant in Urban Sketching. He works in a variety of ways to produce artworks, in both traditional and digital mediums. His traditional art is produced mainly using; pencil, pastel, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic paints and photography. Digitally he uses Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter and he has also coded his own tools to aide in the image creating process using C#, ASP.NET, JS and HTML.

In recent years Mark produced an image creation and rendering process called 'ArtML', this technique is used to produce coded images which can only be processed and then seen in a web browser. Sometimes the images are static, sometimes they are subtly animated. The themes within his ArtML imagery revolve around socio-political commentary, gaming culture and the neural distortion of human memory in a digital world.

You can find Mark on;
Instagram - @badstyle_art
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